Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a repeat prescription without an appointment?

Not routinely but there are some exceptions. If you have an ongoing arrangement with your doctor regarding your medication it may be possible to request a script over the phone. If you do make a request this will be assessed by your doctor and a decision made in line with your best medical care, meaning an appointment may still be required. Requests for repeat prescriptions may take up to three business days to be processed so if the request is urgent an appointment may be quicker. Certain medications such as drugs of addiction and antibiotics can only be prescribed with an appointment. The cost for a script without an appointment is $20.


Can I get a referral without an appointment?

In most cases no. The GP needs to assess your symptoms to decide the best course of action, which may include referral to a specialist or for ongoing referrals whether you still need to see a specialist. You do not require a referral to see a specialist but having one makes the consult claimable, at least in part, through Medicare thus reducing your costs. It is an offence to back date a referral so you will need to arrange one before your specialist visit. You may be able to request a referral over the phone if you are an existing patient, have been seen recently and have discussed your concerns / symptoms for which you require the referral, with your GP. Requests may take up to three business days to process so an urgent request may be better suited to an appointment. The cost for a referral without an appointment is $20.


Why do doctors run late? It is so frustrating!

Our wait times are on average under 10 minutes, but unfortunately doctors do sometimes run late. We make every effort to run to time but a patient’s health concerns can be unpredictable. Some of the reasons doctors run late include: medical emergencies, complex medical needs booked in standard appointments not allowing enough time, previous patient(s) arrived late for their appointment, interruptions via phone calls, pandemics or simply previous patients needed a little extra care and attention. Many of these things we cannot control, our doctors endeavour to give all our patients the time and attention they require.